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Monthly Archives: May 2022

Spring Green Has Arrived

A horse, apple blossoms, green grass, and inspiration

May is one of my favorite months due to its longer, warm days, and its beautiful color scheme. The greens of spring are the absolute most beautiful. Our pasture is the prettiest during this time of year due to the lush grasses and blooming apple trees. The fragrant scents of the white blossoms fill the air. I love to watch my horse enjoy the scrumptious grass, rich and fragrant; a horse’s very favorite treat. Horses are some of the most mindful creatures. The practice of mindfulness has gotten a lot of focus lately and a good way to do so is to view a horse grazing in complete bliss, only focused on the moment of nibbling fresh grass stalks, not worrying about tomorrow or feeling guilt about yesterday; feeling the warm breeze blowing mane and tail and caressing her back, taking the last remnants of a winter coat into the wind. My family and I are looking forward to summer and being outside, enjoying farm life. I also feel invigorated and inspired by the arrival of the nicer weather. I’m finishing up my final editing review for a new nonfiction history book, which is planned to be released in the fall. And I started penning a new fiction novella, a romance with a twist of cozy mystery (something new for me) that is lighthearted and fun.