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Celebrating Autumn…

I love fall. September and October are my very favorite months. The heat and humidity give way to cooler, crisper temps. The dark and light greens of tree leaves transform into brilliant reds and yellows and oranges. It’s time for wearing my favorite pair of jeans and comfy sweatshirt. And the fall treats arrive: pumpkin spice lattes, orchard apples, baked squash. I hate to say goodbye to my outdoor living space, but I embrace the beauty of fall. It’s also a wonderful time to write and read. And, yes, I am writing. I have too many stories in various stages of creative production. I’m editing manuscripts for submission and trying to finish others. And even though I have lots of new ideas (which I jot down into a notebook) I am trying to not start anything new right now. Finish what I have in process first!

My outdoor living space!


Welcome sunflowers, welcome fall!


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